Quanteon Flow Cytometer

Built upon the tremendous success of the NovoCyte® line of flow cytometers, ACEA Biosciences now introduces the most advanced benchtop flow cytometer on the market today, the NovoCyte Quanteon™

  • The Quanteon™ is a 4 laser flow cytometer that can be configured with up to 25 independent photomultipliers, thereby meeting the most demanding panels.
  • The proprietary photomultiplier technology employed in the Quanteon™ provides superior sensitivity and stability, along with a 7.2 log dynamic range. Very dim signals and very bright signals can all be captured and gated in the same view, thereby eliminating the need for laborious trial and error PMT tuning procedures. When developing large color panels, the Quanteon™ will save you hours of time and frustration.
  • Superior fluidics provide pulse-free sample delivery, with high reproducibility and exceptionally low CV’s. Absolute counts, without the use of expensive beads, will save you time and money.
  • Fully automated flow cell wash and shut down features, which mitigates against flow cell clogging. System is always ready-to-go for the next user.
  • Walk-away automation with the NovoSampler Q™. Provides superior shaking, even at ultralow volumes, accommodates the most popular plate formats, bar coding, and built-in API’s for lab automation systems.
  • Leverages the highly successful NovoExpress® software, which is considered one of the most popular software packages on the market. Auto-compensation features, cell cycle analysis modules, cell proliferation modules, heat maps, batch analysis, and much more, are all built-in to the NovoExpress® Software package. The NovoExpress® Software is renowned for its productivity attributes and especially for its ease-of-use. Even a novice can be up and running in under an hour.

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