20% Off End of Year Savings for HTRF Assays Promotion

Purchase any of the featured HTRF assay kits at 20% off! Valid from 29 Oct 2021 to 31 Dec 2021.

This promotion is valid in Singapore only. For more information, please contact your Account Manager or reach us at info@genomax.com.sg

Featured assay products:

  • Highly cross-adsorbed antibodies minimize cross-reactivity
  • Covers multiple research and disease areas: CNS, NAFLD, metabolism, diabetes, oncology…
  • Simple add-and-read method, alternative to ELISA
  • <1 hour bench time
  • Cover the full range of cytokines: interleukins, interferons (IFN), chemokines, TNF and lymphokines
  • <2 hours bench time
  • cAMP Gs and cAMP Gi Assays
  • IP-One – Gq Assay
  • GTP Gi Binding Assay-GTPS
  • B-Arrestin kits
  • Cell-based Tag-lite Receptor Binding Assays

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