2023 SomaLogic Sponsored Genomax Research Grant Award



SomaLogic, together with Genomax Technologies, is pleased to announce the very first SomaLogic Sponsored Genomax Research Grant Award. This award covers the delivery of proteomic data for 40 samples from a SomaScan™ Assay analysis of human serum or plasma. Two winners of the award will receive proteomic data from SomaLogic’s 7,000-plex assay, which will be run at Molecular Genomics, a Genomax Technologies company, in Singapore. Our Molecular Genomics lab is the first SomaLogic authorized site in Asia to offer the SomaScan™ Platform since November 2022.

Researchers can apply on SomaLogic’s website: http://somalogic.com/genomaxgrant2023.

Program details

We are encouraging researchers to submit a brief outline of their inventive plans to use the SomaScan™ Assay in their research. The goal of this program is to assist researchers in Singapore to generate pilot data, which can be used to support their future grant applications, and to promote use of the SomaScan™ Assay as an essential tool for generating high-quality proteomic data. Applicants’ proposals will be reviewed within 4 weeks of the submission deadline (30 June 2023).

Applicants should write a short proposal of 500 words or less, outlining a pilot research project which uses the SomaScan™ Assay.

Click here to learn more and apply on the SomaLogic website

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