MojoSort™ Magnetic Cell Separation System

MojoSort™ is BioLegend’s magnetic cell separation system for the isolation and purification of cells from heterogeneous populations. MojoSort™ offers outstanding performance at an excellent price. Add some mojo to your experiments today! Learn more about BioLegend’s cell separation system below.

BioLegend MojoSort™ nanobeads work in commonly used separation columns, based on our internal research as well as validation by external testing by academic labs. This simple protocol consists of following the MojoSort™ protocol to label the cells with pre-diluted MojoSort™ reagents and using the columns as indicated by the manufacturer.

MojoSort™ Nanobeads are magnetic particles directly conjugated to antibodies (positive selection) or Streptavidin. MojoSort™ Isolation Kits typically contain a biotin-antibody cocktail and Streptavidin Nanobeads, intended to isolate an untouched cell population. To use these products, you also need a separation buffer and a magnetic separation system. We recommend our MojoSort™ Buffer (Cat. No. 480017) and MojoSort™ Magnet (Cat. No. 480019). Separation of cells can occur via “Positive Selection” or “Negative Selection” (also known as “Negative Depletion”). This depends on whether the bead-bound antibodies directly target your cells of interest (positive selection) or target unwanted cells (negative selection). Either way, both separated fractions of cells can be used for downstream applications.

BioLegend MojoSort™ Protocol Video

Line graphs show the size distribution of BioLegend’s MojoSort™ Nanobeads, and the distribution of 4 other commercially available magnetic particles. BioLegend’s average size is 130 nm, with a narrow and consistent distribution to ensure consistent performance.

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