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ALPHA (Amplified Luminescent Proximity Homogenous Assay) Reagents

Revvity offers the Alpha technology, an alternative to the traditional ELISA kit, with the convenience of a homogenous (no-wash), highly sensitive, and quantitative immunoassay. The simple and streamlined workflow can be used to detect and quantitate biomolecules in both simple and complex sample types. Alpha technology is a bead-based luminescent amplification assay, offering greater sensitivity, a wider dynamic range and small sample sizes over traditional ELISA.

Explore the advantages of Alpha Technology

Choose Alpha Technology for the study of proteins and their interactions using both biochemical and cell-based assays. Alpha Technology offers:

  • Ability to detect weak interactions that would be difficult to detect using traditional assays; this allows highly sensitive measurement of a broad range of affinities, from low-affinity interactions to high-affinity interactions (picomolar to low millimolar range)
  • Cost-efficiency: use with small amounts of samples and reagents
  • Easy miniaturization
  • Flexibility – choose custom or off-the-shelf solutions
  • No separation steps; homogeneous no-wash immunoassay

Mechanism of Action of an Alpha immunoassay

  1. The Donor and Acceptor beads can be coated with different molecules depending on the type of reaction.
  2. Interaction between bead-bound molecules and analyte brings Donor and Acceptor beads into close proximity.
  3. The Donor bead is excited with a laser at 680 nm and releases a singlet of oxygen.
  4. The singlet of oxygen can travel up to 200 nm and allows for large interactions to be studied.
  5. The singlet of oxygen excites the Acceptor bead and a light emission is produced (between 520-620 nm) which is proportional to the level of interaction.

AlphaLISA® kits and toolbox reagents offer the greatest flexibility with a toolbox range of beads to mix and match for detection of cytokines and other biomarkers, antibodies, and other analytes in simple or complex matrices (serum, plasma, complex cell culture supernatants, etc.)

Alpha SureFire kits serve to enable the sensitive detection of phosphorylated and total proteins in cellular targets (measure cellular kinases or downstream phosphorylation events) (cell culture supernatants and lysates).

AlphaScreen® assays are ideal for fusion tag detection and protein-protein interaction.

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ELISAs (Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) are one of the most commonly used techniques to measure the presence of a soluble analyte, like cytokines or chemokines, in serum, plasma, cell supernatant, and other biological fluids.

Sandwich ELISAs typically utilize multiple-well microtiter plates, coated with capture antibodies, to immobilize soluble proteins. The bound proteins are then recognized by a second antibody, known as the detection antibody, which is often labelled with an enzyme. In some cases, the detection antibody is biotinylated, and the samples are incubated with a streptavidin-enzyme conjugate. Finally, a colorimetric substrate is added, which results in a color change that is proportional to the amount of antigen captured. By using a plate reader to measure this signal and plotting the resulting values against a standard curve with known quantities of analyte, you can obtain precise, quantitative measurements.

BioLegend offers an expansive portfolio of Immunoassays that measure single or multiple analytes in Hu, Mu, Rat, and NHP biological samples. All ELISA and LEGENDplex products have been manufactured and validated in accordane with ISO:13485 QMS standards. BioLegend offers four types of ELISA kits, including RAPID MAX™ kits that cut your assay time down to less than 90 minutes, easy-to-use LEGEND MAX™ kits containing pre-coated plates, and economical sets with the required components to develop your own ELISA.

RAPID MAX™ ELISA Kits cut assay time down to less than 90 minutes and offer the same performance parameters as typical ELISA kits. Each kit is fully validated and contains a 96-well strip plate that has been pre-coated to immobilize the capture antibody. Incubation of the capture and detection antibody occurs in a single step and requires only one wash.

LEGEND MAX™ ELISA Kits are fully validated and ready-to-use. They contain all required reagents, including a 96-well strip plate pre-coated with capture antibody. The kits are validated in both normal serum and plasma and biologically relevant samples. The manuals provide additional information regarding recovery and linearity. Assay time: 4 hours.

ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Sets contain pre-optimized reagents and some additional buffers/solutions, while still being a cost-effective alternative. Plates are sold separately. Assay time: Overnight + 6 hours.

ELISA MAX™ Standard Sets provide the basic components needed to complete an ELISA. Each set contains a recombinant protein standard, and capture and detection antibodies. They are perfect for researchers who want to stretch their budget by supplying their own buffers and coating their own plates. Assay time: Overnight + 6 hours.

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