PhenoVue™ Cell Painting Kits for phenotypic screening

Cell Painting is a powerful and new phenotypic high-content screening approach which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells responses when subjected to perturbagens, such as chemical compounds, or gene expression modulators. In this process, cells are “painted” by labelling various cellular compartments with different fluorescent bioprobes to quantitatively profile multiple phenotypic parameters to better understand the effects of chemical compounds, drugs, genes, or other test articles.

The PhenoVue™ cell painting kit comprises validated, preoptimized fluorescent bioprobes to streamline workflows, saving you time and cost. Cell compartments and organelles are simultaneously tagged with six fluorescent probes, followed by acquisition and analysis of images to extract hundreds to thousands of features to phenotypically profile the cells and gain a deeper understanding of the effects of chemical, drug, or genetic perturbagens. The six probes target specific cell compartments to determine protein expression or signaling pathways, identify organelles and their function, or identify whole-cell morphology.


  • Range of stains and fluors for commonly studied organelles and compartments
  • Variety of fluorescent colours to enable multiplexing while avoiding spectral overlap
  • Validation in high-content screening applications
  • Bright fluorophores to enable high-quality images

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