Western blotting supplies for sensitive and consistent detection of proteins

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Western blotting is a key tool in life science research that is used to separate and identify specific proteins from complex mixtures. BioLegend has developed a comprehensive selection of highly specific antibodies, ready-to-use buffers, and protein ladders. BioLegend provides an extensive selection of purified and conjugated antibodies against human, mouse, and rat soluble proteins. The antibodies can be used in a variety of applications including ELISA, flow cytometry, western blotting, and functional assays.

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1. Antibodies

  • Primary Antibodies - To detect your protein of interest, we provide highly specific primary antibodies validated and quality-tested by western blotting. Our antibodies cover a wide range of targets across cell biology, neuroscience, immunology, and other key signaling pathways. These come in either a purified, unconjugated format or directly conjugated to HRP.
  • Secondary Reagents - Secondary reagents target the primary antibody and are conjugated to provide visualization of the protein of interest. For western blotting, these reagents are conjugated to HRP which is used as a reporter enzyme.

2. Buffers for protein extraction, gel loading and running, and detection

Western-Ready™ Buffers - Try the complete set of Western-Ready™ buffers for every step of your workflow, including protein extraction, gel loading and running, and detection. 



Western-Ready™ MES SDS-PAGE Running Buffer (10X)

Running buffer for resolving small-to-medium-sized proteins on Bis-Tris SDS page gels.

Western-Ready™ Protein Sample Loading Buffer (5X)

Used for the preparation of samples for non-reducing and reducing SDS-PAGE100 reactions.

Western-Ready™ Rapid Protein Extraction Buffer Stringent lysis buffer to extract proteins from all subcellular compartments.
Western-Ready™ TBS Tween-20 Buffer (20X) Buffer for blocking, washing, and antibody dilution. Formulated to reduce non-specific binding.
Western-Ready™ Transfer Buffer (10X) Buffer formulated for western blot protein transfer onto PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes.

3. Chemiluminescent substrates


Choose Western Lightning ONE™ chemiluminescent substrates for western blotting to validate your CRISPR experiments, in vivo imaging studies, and more.

Learn more: The Power of Western Lightning ONE from PerkinElmer

Features of Western Lightning™ ONE

  • One bottle, premixed, ready-to-use solution for ease of use
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Stable at room temperature for 1 year
  • Three levels of sensitivity from mid-picograms to low femtograms, for all your detection needs
  • Consistent results by avoiding pipetting errors and potential contamination, for increased confidence
  • Compatible with all protein imaging technology chemiluminescent imagers and X-ray film
  • Suitable for different types of membranes and blocking reagents


4. Transfer Membranes 

The recommended membranes are the Protran™ nitrocellulose membranes for high retention of protein samples in chemiluminescent detection assays. Available in two membrane pore sizes: 0.2 µm or 0.45 µm, Protran™ nitrocellulose transfer membranes offer:

  • Protran 100% pure nitrocellulose membranes, with no cellulose acetate added, ensure the highest binding capacity possible.
  • High retention of small or large proteins: 0.2 µm pore size membranes ensures high retention of small samples/low molecular weight proteins below 20 kD by reducing “blowthrough”, whereas 0.45 µm pore size membranes are ideal for larger molecular weight samples.
  • No methanol pre-wetting step: prior to transfer, the membrane is wet in water, and then in the transfer buffer.
  • No other pre-treatment steps are necessary.


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