Next Generation Sequencing

  • Agilent Sureselect Target Enrichment Platform

    Targeted sequencing provides a time and cost-effective workflow by investigating specific regions in the genome. Hybrid capture-based target enrichment employs probes to capture target sequences in a NGS library. Hybrid capture sequencing is sensitive and suited for detecting single nucleotide variants, translocations, structural variants, insertions and deletions, and copy number variations. Agilent provides a full suite of hybridization capture-based target enrichment NGS products, including library preparation and target enrichment kits, exomes, catalog and custom probes, software solutions, sample quality control and automation platforms. Whether your research needs a catalog NGS panel or a custom design to include your genes of interest, Agilent has the solutions for you. Agilent offers other amplicon-based target enrichment technology options, also, for finding specific regions-of-interest time. 

  • Complete Success Begins with NGS Sample QC

    The Agilent 4200 TapeStation system offers automated sample processing for quick and reliable sample quality control within any Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), microarray (aCGH) or quantitative PCR (qPCR) workflow.

    • Automated - Unattended walk away operation with fully automated sample processing for up to 96 samples.
    • Scalable - Individual channels facilitate variable throughput from 1 - 96 samples at a constant cost.
    • Flexible - Ready-to-use ScreenTape technology enable easy switching between DNA and RNA assays. Sample can be provided in either two 8-tube strips or 96 well plates.
    • Fast - Simplify your workflow without any system set up procedures and obtain reliable results in as little as 1-2 minutes per sample, even for 96 samples. 
    • Low-Throughput Option available - 4150 Tapestation system available for laboratories that process 1-16 samples or require smaller instrument footprint.
  • EntroGen

    Mutation analysis kits - real-time PCR and NGS based tests

  • GeneSpring GX

    GeneSpring provides powerful, accessible statistical tools for intuitive data analysis and visualization. Designed specifically for the needs of biologists, GeneSpring offers an interactive environment that promotes investigation and enables understanding of Transcriptomics, Genomics, Metabolomics and Proteomics data within a biological context. NGS data can be aligned and analyzed in Strand NGS (Agilent’s business partner – free trial), and the imported reads, region and entities can be visualized in GeneSpring the Genome Browser, and further correlated with other data types. GeneSpring allows you to quickly and reliably identify targets of interest that are both statistically and biologically meaningful.

    • Statistical Analysis
    • Clustering and PCA
    • Multi-omic Analysis for Integrated Biology
    • Pathway Analysis and Visualizations
  • Invivoscribe LymphoTrack Assays

    Next Generation Sequencing - LymphoTrack® (RUO) Assays

  • NGS library preparation kits for viral pathogen sequencing

    Sample Prep Solutions for qPCR and Next generation sequencing - Tecan Genomics

  • Pre-amplification for rare transcripts and viruses

    Ovation RNA-Seq System V2 - Tecan Genomics

  • PRESS RELEASE: Elucigene Diagnostics Partner With Genomax Technologies

    PRESS RELEASE: Elucigene Diagnostics Partner With Genomax Technologies

    Manchester, UK, 24th January 2017

    Elucigene Diagnostics, developer and distributor of leading prenatal and human genetics diagnostics have today partnered with Genomax Technologies, to bring Elucigene leading brands such as CFEU2v1 and QST*R, to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

  • Streck RNA Complete BCT®

    Blood Collection Tube for the concentration of cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles

  • Targeted Genotyping

  • Tecan Genomics DNA-Seq library prep solutions

    DNA-Sequencing solutions from Tecan Genomics

  • Tecan Genomics NGS library prep reagents

    NGS Library Preparation for a broad range of sample types