Get more out of your exome!

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SureSelect Clinical Research Exome V2- NEW!

  • Built on the proven performance of the SureSelect technology, the Clinical Research Exome enables enhanced coverage of an additional 1,099 disease-associated genes, over 75,000 splice sites of non-coding exons, more than 12,000 previously reported deep intronic variants, and over 800 variants in promoter regions.

Clinical Research Exome

  • Comprehensive analysis of whole exome, with deeper coverage of disease -associated regions, ideal for the study of rare disorders.

SureSelect Focused Exome

  • Design targeted only on disease-associated regions, enabling compatibility with highoutput or benchtop sequencers.

SureSelect Human All Exon V6

  • Most comprehensive exome capture design optimized for breadth and depth of coverage for highly sensitive and accurate variant calling as well as data uniformity for minimal sequencing.