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Get your Sample Kit for Free to use the ATPliteTM Luminescence Assay for your research today!

Are you looking for a fast and reliable measurement that measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in mammalian cells? The ATPliteTM Luminescence Assay measures cell proliferation and cytotoxicity based on the detection of ATP using fire luciferase.

*This promotion is valid in Singapore only. Valid till 30th Jun 2022.

Features and Benefits:

Highly Sensitive, Wide Dynamic Range - Detect as few as 5 cells/well and spheroids of up to 5,000 cells/well

Simple and Reproducible Assays – Better than fluorescence technologies, no need to transfer spheroids before lysis

Improved Temperature Stability - Shipped at room temperature, no dry ice disposal needed

No Need to Thaw - Products are stored at 4 °C: quickly ready for use, and save on freezer space

No Need to Work Under the Chemical Hood - No DTT means safer for user and environment and no smell

Cost-effective - Priced economically against competition; long shelf life facilitates stock management and reduces scraping costs