Fast, Reliable Measurement of Cytotoxicity and Cell Proliferation

Cell viability is a fundamental measurement to determine a parameter reflecting the number of metabolically active cells in a population. A fast, reliable method to measure cell viability becomes important when monitoring cell health and assessing cellular responses to various treatments under experimental conditions. To meet this need, Revvity developed the homogeneous ATPlite luminescence assay for measuring ATP content detected after cells are lysed. The luminescence assay is the alternative to colorimetric, fluorometric, and radioisotopic assays for the quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of cultured mammalian cells.

The ATPlite assays are available in two options: The ATPlite and ATPlite 1step luminescence assay systems use patented innovative technologies that measure cell proliferation and cytotoxicity in cultured mammalian cells or 3D spheroids based on the production of light caused by the reaction of ATP with added luciferase and D-luciferin. Choose the ATPlite 1step assay for a single addition assay suitable for continuous processing and the ATPlite assay for extended signal stability of at least 4 hours. Both ATPlite and ATPlite 1step are also available in 3D assay formats for quantitative evaluation of proliferation and cytotoxicity of mammalian cells cultured in 3D spheroids.

  • ATPlite luminescence assay – The ATPlite assay has separate cell lysis and luminescent signal generation steps. This allows for a more stable signal, with half-life of at least 4 hours.
  • ATPlite 1step luminescence assay – Homogeneous (no cell harvesting or centrifugation required), only one reagent addition step, no separation steps.

Features and Benefits of ATPlite:

  • Highly Sensitive, Wide Dynamic Range – Detect as few as 5 cells/well and 3D spheroids of up to 5,000 cells/well
  • Simple and Reproducible Assays – Better than fluorescence technologies, no need to transfer spheroids before lysis
  • Improved Temperature Stability – Shipped at room temperature, no dry ice disposal needed
  • No Need to Thaw – Store at 4°C: ready for use and provide good stability
  • No Need to Work Under the Chemical Hood – ATPlite reagents do not contain DTT, making them safer for use in your laboratory
  • Cost-effective – Long shelf life facilitates stock management and reduces scraping costs

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