The Xceler8™ Platform:
Automated nucleic acid extraction system

Your lab’s versatile molecular platform for simple, fast, and efficient nucleic acid extraction and purification without all the fuss.

The integrated Xceler8 Solution for automated nucleic acid extraction and purification is a cutting-edge molecular platform that is both accessible and best in class. Comprising of an instrument, ready-to-use Cartridge Kits and a touchscreen tablet with the proprietary X8 App, the Xceler8 Platform is intuitively designed for full process automation. The versatile Xceler8 Solution enables beyond simple and nucleic acid extraction from a variety of biological samples for a wide range of research as well as clinical applications.

Product Information

  • Simple operation – Plug and play instrument:

    Ensure high genomic DNA (gDNA) extraction performance with the push of a button to start the automated nucleic acid extraction assay. extraction performance with the push of a button..

  • Versatile workflow:

    Random access system to meet your laboratory’s flexibility to run any sample at any time, instantaneously.

  • Rapid Run-time:

    Run samples in as little as 30 minutes without sample batching.

  • Ready-to-use Cartridge Kits:

    Easily process samples with pre-filled, sealed cartridge kits with all inclusive reagents, including Proteinase K.

  • Simple cleaning to minimize cross-contamination:

    Minimize clean-up and minimize cross-contamination with the fully closed and integrated cartridge architecture that includes a built-in waste reservoir.

Product Resources

For Research Use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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