RayBiotech Antibody Arrays – Quantibody multiplex ELISA arrays on a glass slide

Get More Data with Less Sample Using Quantibody multiplex ELISA array on a glass slide

Quantify the amount of your proteins of interest in a wide variety of sample types. Antibody arrays allow researchers to conduct rapid, accurate expression profiling of hundreds of cytokines, growth factors, receptors, proteases, hormones, adipokines, stem cell factors and other proteins from any biological fluid.

Quantibody® is an array-based multiplex ELISA system that combines the high specificity and sensitivity of ELISA with the high through put of the glass chip-based array. With this platform, only 50 µl of sample is needed for quantification of up to 40 proteins in quadruplicate, making this array 80 times more efficient than traditional ELISA.

Genomax offers a variety of quantitative and semi-quantitative array types from RayBiotech for protein detection. Let us help you find the array that best fits your needs.

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  • More Data, Less Sample: Quantify up to 40 biomarker proteins per array with only 50 µl or less
  • No Interference between capture antibodies (unlike bead-based arrays).
  • Customizable: Create a custom array from our library of 641 Human, 144 Mouse, or 67 Rat antibody pairs to create an array panel specific to your research.
  • Adaptable high-throughput automated processing.

How It Works

Quantibody Multiplex ELISA Arrays on a Glass Slide utilize the sandwich-ELISA design principle. In this assay, Quantibody uses a matched pair of antibodies for target protein detection. Each 75mm x 25mm glass slide is spotted with 16 identical antibody arrays (also called “subarrays”). With each subarray, the capture antibodies along with controls are spotted in quadruplicate. After a blocking step, samples are incubated with the arrays. Nonspecific proteins are then washed off, and the arrays are incubated with a cocktail of biotinylated detection antibodies, followed by a streptavidin-conjugated fluor. Signals are visualized using a fluorescence laser scanner.

No scanner? Ask about our scanning service. Genomax is a RayBiotech Certified Array Service Provider.

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