RECIPE® Complete Kits for HPLC, LC-MS/MS, Calibrators, &Controls

RECIPE® is one of the leading CE-IVD providers in clinical diagnostics with a growing range of HPLC and LC-MS/MS kit solutions, calibrators and controls, internal standards and instruments. RECIPE® provides a wide range of CE-IVD test- and reference materials for diagnosis and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) in clinical, toxicological, and forensic laboratories. These products serve to ensure the diagnosis of metabolic parameters, vitamin status, therapeutic drug monitoring ensure a coherent QA process including the testing of the analytical system (ClinTest®), calibration (ClinCal®) and quality control (ClinChek®).

ClinTest® Standard and Test Solutions are matrix-free and thus are ready to use. ClinCal® Calibrators and ClinChek® Controls are available in different matrices (urine, plasma, serum, whole blood) and are prepared for analysis like the patient samples.

For HPLC and LCMS/MS RECIPE® IVD complete kits contains all components required for analysis, such as buffers, reagents for sample preparation, standards, and a matrix calibrator. and also the separate components like internal standards, calibrators and controls.

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