TotalSeq™ Antibody Cocktails for Single-Cell Protein and RNA Detection

TotalSeq™ Antibody Cocktails 

BioLegend TotalSeq™ antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates enable measurement of proteins in single cells in applications that integrate simultaneous nucleic acid and protein detection, such as CITE-seq or REAP-seq. They integrate seamlessly into single-cell RNA sequencing workflows, including capture methods that use poly(dT) – mRNA poly(A) hybridization, as well as those workflows available from 10x Genomics.

With a wide range of mouse and human targets available, you can use TotalSeq™ antibodies in a variety of research areas, including:

  • Personalized or Precision Medicine
  • Cancer Research
  • Stem Cell Research
  • Basic and Applied Immunology
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Characterization of New or Rare Cell Types
  • Neuroimmunology
  • Vaccine Research

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BioLegend’s TotalSeq™ reagents enable simultaneous proteomics and transcriptomics analysis on the same cell using the CITE-seq workflow. Compatible with droplet-based single cell sequencing methods, TotalSeq™ uses antibody-oligo conjugates to measure specific cell surface proteins. This video provides an overview of the utilities of proteogenomics applications that use TotalSeq™ oligo-conjugated reagents to enable simultaneous analysis of proteins and RNA.

Benefits of using TotalSeq™ antibody cocktails:

  • Provided in convenient, single-use tubes
  • Antibodies are pre-titrated for optimal performance
  • Lower cost compared to buying individual antibodies
  • Minimizes variability between different experiments, different labs, and during longitudinal studies
  • Reduced inconsistencies associated with pipetting and handling multiplex vials and samples

TotalSeq™ reagents are designed to seamlessly integrate into the CITE-seq workflow and are compatible with most droplet-based single cell sequencing methods such as the 10x Genomics platform or Drop-seq. This video is a brief walk-through of the workflow to generate single cell proteomics and transcriptomics data.

Principle of TotalSeq™ antibody cocktails

BioLegend’s TotalSeq™ consists of different formats of antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates. These antibody formats are TotalSeq™-A, TotalSeq™-B, and TotalSeq™-C. Each format has a different sequence used for capturing the antibody barcode during library construction. In single cell multiomics where extensive data sets can be generated at the molecular level from a single cell, the TotalSeq reagents simplify the workflow by removing the need for additional optimization, and minimize variability between experiments with lyophilized antibody cocktails. Cellular indexing of transcriptomes and epitopes by sequencing (CITE-seq) combines single cell RNA-Seq and Proteomics in one application, to quantify RNA and protein at the same time. 

(1) TotalSeq™-A: Designed to work with any sequencing platform that relies on poly(dT) oligonucleotides as the mRNA capture method.  TotalSeq™-A antibodies contain a poly(A) sequence which mimics a natural mRNA. Compatible with any sequencing platform that uses poly(dT) for mRNA capture. TotalSeq™-A antibodies contain a poly(A) sequence that mimics a natural mRNA. This format can be used for CITE-seq and REAP-seq applications.

(2) TotalSeq™-B: Capture sequence is compatible with 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression 3’ kit with Feature Barcode Technology (v3, v3.1, v3.1 dual index workflows). It contains a capture sequence (“Capture Sequence 1”) complementary to the capture sequence on the Single Cell 3′ v3 Gel Bead oligos.

(3) TotalSeq™-C: Capture sequence is compatible with 10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution 5′ workflow which allows for immune repertoire profiling of T and B cell receptors at a single-cell resolution. It contains a capture sequence that is complementary to the Template Switch Oligo (TSO) on the Single Cell 5′ Gel Bead oligos.


In addition to antibody cocktails, BioLegend offers comprehensive solutions with both breath and flexibility to increase parameters in your sequencing experiments.

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