Streck, Inc. develops and manufactures a full range of diagnostic and QC products for clinical and research laboratories. The product portfolio includes hematology, chemistry, immunology, automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (sed-rate/ESR) instruments, blood collection tubes, and molecular diagnostic products. In this article we are focusing on the RNA Complete BCT, which is a blood collection tube that maintains the draw time concentration of cell-free RNA and extracellular vesicles (EV), such as exosomes, for up to 7 days at room temperature. Once isolated from stored plasma, the cell-free RNA and isolated EVs are suitable for many downstream applications, including qualitative and quantitative real-time PCR, Droplet Digital PCR, next-generation sequencing, and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis.


  • 7-day sample stability when stored at room temperature
  • Compatible with commercially available total plasma nucleic acid isolation kits
  • Compatible with standard low input RNA sequencing library prep kits
  • Isolated cell-free RNA is suitable for downstream applications, including ddPCR and NGS
  • Isolated extracellular vesicles are suitable for Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis or indirect analysis of EV-associated cargo


  • Limits the degradation of white and red blood cells, providing sample integrity during storage, shipping, and handling of blood samples
  • Room temperature storage reduces costs and complications associated with cold chain shipping
  • Eliminates the need for immediate plasma preparation due to the specialized chemistry that provides sample integrity during blood collection, transport, and storage
  • Reduces cell lysis and increases plasma yield after storage compared to alternative blood collection tubes

For Research Use Only.

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