Vizgen Singapore Seminar @ NUS MD11 CRC Auditorium

Join us for a lunch seminar @NUS MD11 CRC Auditorium on Apr 16th!

Dear all,

We’re excited to invite you to lunch seminar where we’ll delve into MERSCOPE® Platform: True Multiomic Spatial Analysis for Biological Research

Event Details:

What: MERSCOPE® Platform: True Multiomic Spatial Analysis for Biological Research 

When: Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Where: NUS MD11 CRC Auditorium



We will introduce you to Vizgen’s MERSCOPE® Platform for in situ spatial genomics, which enables the direct profiling of the spatial organization of intact tissue with genomic-scale throughput. MERSCOPE® is a cutting-edge spatial biology platform capable of co-detecting up to 1,000 genes and 6 proteins in FFPE, fresh frozen, and PFA fixed tissue types. The MERSCOPE® Platform can be applied to a wide range of biological research areas including neuroscience, oncology, developmental biology, and cardiology. Attend our seminar to learn more about MERSCOPE®


Presented by:

Luan Nguyen, Business Manager, Asia Pacific, Vizgen Inc.


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